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Title: 자연이 만들어낸 미친 생물
Duration: 00:02:51
Uploaded: 2017 Mar 09
Description: Nature provides for almost all of our needs and it is as diverse as the stars in the sky. But there is a dark side too. Nature also contains some of the most awful things you can imagine and we collected the leading nightmares of mother nature. 3. Brazilian Wandering Spider Worst Spider It is huge. It has one of the most painful bites in the spider world. It is the most deadly spider ; forget the funnel web spider- this thing is dangerous. It has the highest human kill rate in the world. To make things even worse, a bite from this spider causes an erection that lasts for hours. Needless to say, the venom is being studied for possible medical uses for people suffering erectile disfunction. 2. Candiru Nastiest Fish The Candiru is a small parasitic catfish which is found mostly in the Amazon river where it is the most feared fish- even more so than piranhas. Candiru feed on the blood of their host creatures by swimming into the gills and using razor sharp spines on its head to attach itself. It then chews its way through the host until it reaches a major artery and drinks blood until it is satiated. The fish

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