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Title: Tech N9ne - Shroud (feat Krizz Kaliko) Special Effects Tour 2015 *Lyrics
Duration: 00:04:48
Uploaded: 2015 May 14
Description: "Shroud" (feat. Krizz Kaliko) [Intro - Tech N9ne talking backwards:] (Siht si ton eht tnar fo na live nam, siht si eht tnar fo na ylemetrxe nekorb nam! os od ton ekatsim siht rof eht lived, esuac' ti si ton! mi tsuj gnivah emos fo ym tsekrad stnemom ereh yletal os, yojne! ahah) [Chorus - Krizz Kaliko:] I can't breathe anymore I've gone the distance Can't see me anymore The darkness has overcome I don't wanna be part of this But I let it take me So I let it take me Now it's dripping all over me [Bridge 1 - Tech N9ne:] We on this Earth as we hell raisers We crave good life but born into this dead-zone I've searched for answers from my female maker In the cemetery but they never produced her headstone [Verse 1 - Tech N9ne:] Black as ever like shabba Thick and oozing like lava See this room with my Prada, dadda Must've came from my father 'Cause my momma, was an angel But this thang grow, insane bro (Insane woah) This is darkness accumulated Over the years the heartless but fools I made it Over to here on the TV Cops kill a man 'cause he's trying to buy a BB Gun (BB Gun) What's gonna happen when they see me come Really run (Really run) I'm

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Joedashizzz, Photo-Art-Music, Bend, OR, Aaron Dontez Yates (Composer), Krizz Kaliko (Composer), Music (TV Genre), Special Effects, Bend (City/Town/Village), Oregon (US State),

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